2017 – The Year of Nothing New

Okay. Okay. I said that there wouldn’t be any new year resolutions from me… I’m going to stay the same awkward, sarcastic, foul-mouthed delight that you’ve all come to know and love…

However, in an effort to get my consumer purchasing under control and maybe complete some projects that have been started (or for which the supplies have already been purchased for) we’re undertaking a year-long challenge to buy nothing new (receiving as gifts is okay).

We can buy used items: thrifted, Craigslisted, consignment, etc… but nothing new, never used by anyone else before… with a few exceptions, as this is a 12 month-long project.

Exceptions* include:

  • Groceries (includes necessitous toiletries)
  • Medications
  • Pet food & consumable supplies
  • Fuel for vehicles
  • Kids shoes, only to replace necessitous ones
  • Socks & underwear, if needed
  • Dinner out once a month (includes fast food)
  • Hair dye (but only once I’ve gone through what we have on hand already)
  • Dirt/Soil, preferably in bulk, but a bag or two would be okay if we run just a little low
  • Seeds for the garden
  • Well cistern … IF one goes on a really good sale price. (500-1000 gallons appears to be $400-$600 regular price)
*I reserve the right to add to this list until 2017 begins.
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One Response to 2017 – The Year of Nothing New

  1. Kathy says:

    Good list. I shop at consignment and thrift stores. I won’t buy used shoes or undies for a variety of reasons.

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