Day 30 of 31 of the No Spend Challenge

How’d we do?

Pretty good. Daina did choose to go out for pizza for her birthday dinner and chose a store bought cake mix for her cake.

$30.67 spent on dump runs
$85.05 spent on fuel for the vehicles
$137.60 spent on groceries (including Daina’s cake)

“Cheats” included:
$2.53 spent on creamer that I diluted with milk
$30.05 spent on coffees & smoothies
$9.62 spent on a few supplies for the Camp Fire club
$45.00 spent on signing Daina up for Fall soccer before the price went up.
$759.81 spent on a high effiency water heater (original price $1300) that we’ll be getting a $500 refund on, after it’s installed and which will save us an estimated $200-$250 a year on our electricity bill. End price will end up being around $350 once the refund is received and miscellaneous parts needed for install are purchased. So it will pay for itself in less than two years.

That last two fell under the “No Spend Shouldn’t Mean Being Stupid” clause. 😀

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