July No Spend Challenge

saveFor the month of July, our family is accepting the challenge of not spending any money, with the following exceptions:

  • Mortgage / Utilities  / Insurance
  • Medications & Toilet paper (something I’m never willing to deal without. 🙂 )
  • Perishable grocery items; milk, eggs, cheese, fresh veggies/fruit (no garden yet)
  • Daina’s birthday meal (if she chooses something that we can’t make with supplies on hand)
  • Fuel for vehicles… with the caveat that we’ll be conserving it too, so only if absolutely necessary.

We’re not stocking up ahead of time. That sort of defeats the purpose after all. The goal is to “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” and save some money while we’re at it.

If this proves a success, we may do more month long challenges or even… Dun dun dun… a full year (with a slightly longer exception list).

Follow up posts may, or may not, be forthcoming. 😀

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