Patriotic Picnic Safe Brownie “Ice Cream” Cones

Inspired by Noble Pig’s Patriotic ConesHalf Baked Harvest’s Hot Fudge Brownie and Double Scooped Ice Cream Sundae High Hat Cupcakes…in a Cone!

I kind of mixed and matched and came up with this!2016-07-02 06.41.47

There are many methods out there for keeping sugar cones upright, I had a couple of spare cupcake pans so I went with this route.


2016-06-29 20.07.06

Measuring the size hole I needed for the cones to rest on the bottom of the “just in case” cookie sheet.
2016-06-29 20.20.24

Using a Forstner drill bit to drill the appropriate sized hole (this will vary based on your cupcake tin and support/drip pan.2016-06-29 20.07.33

2016-06-29 20.33.45

If you’re like me a couple of weeks ago, someone who had no idea what a Forstner bit was until I need one to build a murphy bed… this is a Forstner bit.

All ready for the brownie mix.I started by putting a drop of Hershey’s Hot Fudge Topping in the bottom, so the brownie mix at the bottom wouldn’t become rock like.

2016-06-29 20.20.42

Then I just mixed up Ghirardelli’s Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix, with an extra egg and poured it in. This first batch was a bit overfull and had dollar store cones. And I followed the brownie mix baking guidelines.

2016-06-29 20.31.48

I had overflow and explosions. Thank goodness for the “just in case” cookie sheet. 🙂

The second batch used store generic cones and left about a ¼” of head room.

2016-06-30 21.32.29

I set the oven at 350 deg and the timer for 30 minutes.

2016-06-29 20.32.18

This batch and the following one, came out perfectly.

2016-07-02 07.30.56

Next up, the frosting. After allowing everything to sit for 24 hours (work and kids call, afterall), I made a basic batch of royal icing (powdered sugar and pasteurized liquid egg whites to consistency).

I didn’t get photos here as my fingers were too sticky, but I dipped the top of the cones in the frosting bowl, carefully trying to keep the mess in the bowl as I lifted it back out, then sprinkled with red, blue, and gold sprinkles.

2016-07-01 20.46.00

Using available containers for drip stands (I only destroyed one cupcake tin. 🙂 )
2016-07-01 20.45.54

The next morning, my first to awaken, youngest kidlet, got an extra special taste test breakfast. 😀

2016-07-02 06.41.39 2016-07-02 06.41.41

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